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A Vertu Phone is the pinnacle of Luxury technology at your fingertip.Vertu Phones blends a unique trilogy of craftsmanship, performance and services. Vertu Phones started life in the late 1990's as an indulgence for Nokia's designers. Led by Frank Nuovo, the group set out to explore what a luxury vertu phone could look and feel like if its design was unconstrained by budgetary concerns. Vertu phone craftsmen used the best materials and expensive manufacturing processes to end up with a high end piece of technology, the vertu mobile phone.

Last year, Vertu phones gained its independence from Nokia after being purchased by a private equity group and quickly moved to Android as its platform of choice. Vertu Phones have a single manufacturing facility on the outskirts of London which handles every Vertu phone order, with the entire team of designers, engineers, and assemblers all working under the same roof.

The main principal of Vertu Phones design remains unaltered over the years. "If you want to stand out, that's what it was built for," says Hutch Hutchinson, the company's chief of design, as he points to the Vertu Signature phone. It is the Flagship model of vertu Phones, one which turns its Nokia Series 40 software and anachronistic number pad into an asset, demonstrating through them that the owner of the Vertu phone doesn't need modern technology, he most likely has people doing those jobs for him.

Being a luxury mobile phone brand presents some unique challenges for Vertu mobile phones. Whereas the luxury industry "moves at a very slow and considered pace," says the vertu's head of PR Jon Stanley, the exact opposite is true of smartphone manufacturing. By the time you're fully up to date with both components and software, there's already the next iteration waiting in the wings. Vertu phones will never actively compete in the specs race, but it recognizes the need to match the basic building blocks of its contemporary competition.

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