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Vertu Mobile Phone

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Vertu Aster P Rococo Diamond Mobile
Regular price Rs. 150,000.00 Rs. 130,000.00
Vertu Aster P Rose Gold Mobile
Regular price Rs. 85,000.00
Vertu Aster P Black Gold Alligator
Regular price Rs. 85,000.00
Vertu Aster P Gold Mobile
Regular price Rs. 85,000.00
Vertu Ferrari Edition Mobile Phone
Regular price Rs. 55,000.00 Rs. 52,500.00
Vertu Signature Bentley Edition
Regular price Rs. 49,000.00
Vertu Signature Diamonds Mobile
Regular price Rs. 69,000.00 Rs. 59,000.00
Vertu Signature White Diamonds
Regular price Rs. 69,000.00 Rs. 59,000.00
Vertu Constellation X Diamond Mobile
Regular price Rs. 125,000.00 Rs. 100,000.00
Vertu Constellation X Walnut Brown
Regular price Rs. 79,500.00 Rs. 74,500.00
Vertu Constellation X Rose Pink
Regular price Rs. 79,500.00
Vertu Constellation X Ultimate Black
Regular price Rs. 79,500.00 Rs. 74,500.00

Vertu Mobile Phone is now available in India. To Buy Vertu Mobile you can simply visit our web store, Select your desired Vertu Phone and place your order. Each Vertu Mobile in India (sold on our website) is covered under 2 Years warranty with a free pick up and drop service.

Vertu Mobile Phone is the most luxurious mobile phone money can buy. If you own a Vertu Mobile, you are a part of the most elite and popular group of people in the world. Vertu Mobile is one of the few mobile phones that are totally handmade by the best craftsman in the world. These craftsmen are rigorously trained in the art of creating a Vertu Phone and have exceptionally high standards of design and engineering. Every Vertu Mobile is, and always has been, handmade by a single craftsman in England, after completing the phone, the craftsman/head designer Signs on the back of the phone. Sometimes Customers request a specific craftsman to build their Vertu Mobile Phones. Vertu Mobile's first cell phone, the Vertu Signature, was launched in 2002 in Paris. It was the world’s first luxury mobile phone. Over the years Vertu Mobile Phone has pioneered a number of developments in Luxury Mobile Phones. In 2003, Vertu Mobile patented the laser-drilled keypad and in 2005 it became the first brand to use carbon on a cell phone. These are some of the many features that make Vertu Phones truly flawless.

Now no need to go anywhere in search of Vertu Mobiles, Buy Vertu Mobiles from all across India in just a few clicks at our website You can find the finest Luxury Vertu Mobile Phones at our web store. We ensure the highest level of authenticity and strive to give our customers an enriching buying experience.